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Yuli Wood Industry, only producing better Burmese teak wood

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In the depths of the distant Burmese jungle, nature nurtures a precious wood in its unique way - Burmese teak. Here, the story of Yuli Wood Industry begins with respect and inheritance of this natural gift. We are committed to transforming the warmth and resilience of every inch of teak into eternal warmth and classics in your home. How does Yuli Wood Industry adhere to the commitment of "only doing better" in the daily production, semi processing, drying process, and deep understanding of the growth of teak.

Fine selection from nature 

The journey of Yuli Wood Industry began in the land of Myanmar nurtured by sunshine, rain, and dew. We delve deep into the forest, following strict principles of environmental protection and sustainability, and carefully select every adult teak tree. These trees have undergone decades or even centuries of wind and rain to achieve their hard, durable, and beautifully textured qualities. We believe that only the highest quality raw materials can lay the foundation for excellent products.

Semi processed Art with Unique Craftsmanship

From primitive forests to semi-finished products, every step embodies the hard work and dedication of the craftsman from Yuli. In the semi processing stage, we use a combination of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship to accurately cut and finely polish, preserving the natural and beautiful texture and color of teak wood. Each piece of grapefruit wood gradually reveals its unique vitality in the hands of craftsmen, waiting to bloom in a certain space in the future.

Wisdom and patience in drying

The drying process of teak wood is our respect and application of natural laws. After strict control of natural drying, the moisture inside the teak wood can slowly and uniformly evaporate, which not only enhances its stability but also further enhances its ability to resist insects and corrosion. The drying field of Yuli Wood Industry is like a canvas of time, recording the transformation of teak from the inside out and witnessing our persistent pursuit of quality.

The Growth Philosophy of Teak

Understanding teak is about understanding its growth philosophy. Yuli Wood Industry deeply understands that behind every piece of teak, it is the accumulation of time and the gift of the land. Therefore, we are promoting sustainable cultivation of teak globally to ensure the sustainable utilization of teak resources and safeguard this green future. We believe that good teak is not just a piece of wood, it is the crystallization of nature and human wisdom, and a longing for a better life.


Yuli Wood Industry is not only a producer of teak, but also an advocate for a better way of life. We insist on "only making better Burmese teak" because we believe that every home is worth the best. From the growth of teak to your home, every step carries Yuli Wood Industry's commitment and love for quality. Welcome to join the big family of Yuli Wood Industry and experience the natural charm and art of life brought by Myanmar teak together.




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